Are you coming to Zagreb to party? Us too! Whole Wide World Hostel is the best party hostel in Zagreb as voted multiple times and despite our wild parties that sometimes go all night we managed to get a traveller’s choice award from Tripadvisor. I guess our guests know what to expect when they come, and so will you after you read this article also known as ”the last thing you’ll read before pressing Book now”.

Karaoke night

Monday’s are usually boring and stressful, but not at the Whole Wide World. Here, we sing the Monday blues away at our karaoke night. If you’re looking for Karaoke in Zagreb, look no further. If you’re not brave enough, you will be, because all singers get a free drink for every song sung for the first 2 hours. And if you’re self-conscious, read the previous sentence again and you’ll quickly see that everyone will be too drunk to care.

Free pancakes

Tuesdays are an ideal day for free pancakes! It’s simply the perfect evening meal after a day of exploring Zagreb city. And when the bellies are full, we usually go over to our partner hostel, Main Square Hostel for a chilled out games night where we have drinks while playing games like poker, foosball & PS4.

Beer pong

This is where things start to get serious. Wednesdays are reserved for our traditional Beer pong competition. A night with olympic pool quantities of beer, and olympic levels of competition awaits. And most importantly, the stakes are high as hundreds (yes, the ”s” is not a typo) of Euros can be won!

Greatest Fucking Game Show Ever

This one just can’t be explained, you have to be there to get it. It’s not a drinking game, although drinking is encouraged. One thing is sure, if you are easily offended or not down for some possibly politically uncorrect shit, it’s maybe not for you. If you do feel ready, then come join us for a night you will never forget, or will, that depends.

Pub crawl

In life, we must first learn to crawl, then stand, then walk, then run, and only then fly. We cannot crawl into flying. Join us every weekend where we visit the best pubs throughout Zagreb city. Did we mention beer pong is included? Find out why it’s the best pub crawl in Zagreb!


As a special upgrade during the Zagreb Advent, we will also organise an Advent crawl! This is where we take you to the best wooden kiosks and bars throughout the Zagreb Advent and give you the best winter experience in Zagreb.

Bonus: Sljeme trips

Winter is made for exploring cold mountains while drinking warm wine and no one’s going to tell us anything different. That’s why all throughout December, we are taking our guests to Sljeme, the most famous hiking and ski resort on the Medvednica mountain overlooking Zagreb.

Come with Ryanair or Flixbus to Zagreb and get an additional discount on your stay so you can party even more! That Book now button looks really enticing now, doesn’t it?