Summer came to a close and a lot of our favourite events are ending. Strossmarte is over, Art park is no more, and we waved goodbye to the last of Cest is d’Best performers. But Zagreb is a city that never rests, and we are already looking forward to brand new events!

Artupunktura 2021

Artupunktura or ”Artupuncture” is actually an event that is already on! The location? Everywhere. From the Q’ART project in Ilica right next to our hostel to galleries next to Maksimir, Artupunktura is the main cultural event in Zagreb in September that has a little bit of something for everybody and is not to be missed.


If you get tired of the spectacular Zagreb architecture in the city center, you should check out Modulee. What is it? Well, London has BOXPARK, Prague has Manifesto, and from this year, Zagreb has Modulee, a container hub in open space combining fun and gourmet experiences. Keep your eyes opened for events there and be sure to visit this new urban social hub.

Photo: FB Modulee

Europavox Zagreb

But you probably didn’t come to Zagreb just to eat and enjoy the culture. Lucky for you, today and tomorrow is Europavox! The first edition of Europavox festival Zagreb 2021 will present the audience with a cross-section of the Balkan contemporary music scene – from modern iterations of traditional and authentic music forms such as sevdah to contemporary psychedelia inspired by the musical traditions of the Balkan region.

Food Film Festival Zagreb

But sometimes you just want to chill, watch movies, and eat something good. If that’s so, be sure to check out Food Film Festival Zagreb 2021, an unforgettable cinematic gastronomic experience. Check out the best and most creative restaurants in Zagreb, bistros, pastry shops and wine shops, all while enjoying a good movie or various other activities.

Photo: Food Film Festival Zagreb

Or just come party with us every day!

Who are we kidding, we have to end the list with a party, and not to be biased, but we have the best damn parties in Zagreb! When staying in the Whole Wide World, you will have daily events like Karaoke, Game night (in our partner hostel Main Square Hostel), Beer pong and our famous Pub crawl that’s on every Friday and Saturday. They don’t call us the number one party hostel without reason!


Bonus: Sljeme trips

Winter is made for exploring cold mountains while drinking warm wine and no one’s going to tell us anything different. That’s why all throughout December, we are taking our guests to Sljeme, the most famous hiking and ski resort on the Medvednica mountain overlooking Zagreb.

Come with Ryanair or Flixbus to Zagreb and get an additional discount on your stay so you can party even more! That Book now button looks really enticing now, doesn’t it?